Why be a member? What do I get for my membership?
Membership in the CBA is required in order to attend our events. Attendance at our events provides you with an opportunity to socialize with your friends and colleagues, and to meet lawyers and members of the judiciary with whom you might not otherwise cross paths. One of the stated purposes of the CBA when it was formed 120 years ago was to cultivate a feeling of professional brotherhood amongst members of the bar, and today, that remains our primary focus. Calgary is privileged to have a very close bar, which is unique and unheard of in most cities of our size. Join us, and be a part of this outstanding community of people!


Why can’t non-lawyers attend the Judge’s Dinner and Q.C. Dinner?
The primary reason for this is space limitations at our venues; with the size of the legal community and ticket demand, we are usually at or close to maximum attendance. The nature of these dinners, where the honourees are “roasted” rather than toasted, also means that participants are more comfortable knowing that they are among friends and colleagues only.


Does the CBA make money on events?
Typically, no. Most events operate at breakeven or close to breakeven. In the past, when the CBA was running the photocopy and document delivery service at the old QB library, the revenues from those services enabled the CBA to subsidize events. Since the loss of the photocopy and document delivery business (in 2007), subsidization has decreased, but we continue to partially subsidize events whenever possible. When operations result in a surplus, we make charitable donations, details of which are found elsewhere on this website.


Why is there a surcharge for the Whoop-Up?
As of 2018, there is no longer a surcharge for the Whoop-Up. Admission to this event is now included in the current year's membership fee. In previous years, a surcharge was necessary in order to run the event on a breakeven basis. The Whoop-Up ticket is the best deal in town during Stampede week: entry to a prime saloon, exclusivity of the venue for your friends and colleagues, a meal, 3 drink tickets, and the opportunity to remain in the venue, without cover charge, to see one of the hottest bands in town. Oh, and a taxi ride home. Now that's a deal!


Can anything be done to make the lineups shorter to get inside the Whoop-Up?
Yes! Buy your membership in advance of the day of the Whoop-Up, and show up with your membership card in hand. Members with their current membership cards will be put in an express line-up.


How do I get a court house locker?
Contact our administrator, Gayle Brady, at 403-930-5771. 


Are executive members paid for their services?
No. Executive members volunteer their time to organize events and do other work for the CBA. They typically volunteer an average of 3 hours per week. They do not receive free membership in the association or free tickets to events.


What can I do if I want to get involved in the CBA?
Talk to a current executive member and let them know you are interested in assisting. The more hands, the lighter the work! Involvement is what the CBA is all about.


I have ideas for a new CBA event or initiative. What should I do?
Talk to a current executive member. We are all ears!